Problem of technician in Lockdown who give service of “Water Purifier Service in Delhi”?

In this high-tech era, we all are addicted to machines which make our work easier, like Motorcycle, Motor Car, Fan, Washing Machine, Mobile, Air Conditioner, Gas Stove, Computer, Refrigerator and Water Purifier etc. We all are using these product or machine in our daily life. If anyone of them stop working or not work in proper way then it seems like our lives are stuck that how can I get it repaired or serviced as soon as possible. If our RO system gets out of order or it demand service then it needs a technician as soon as possible because Water purifier plays a key role in our daily lives. It keeps us away from the water borne diseases and provides proper minerals. In normal days we get technician easily from our nearby location or from some companies. But in this lockdown, it is a big task to find a good RO Technician in Delhi as we can’t go outside. No RO Repair shops are open in Delhi NCR. We can’t hire technician easily in this lockdown as lot of technicians have went their hom…

Window AC Service in 3-4 simple steps on its own in this Lockdown

Hey Everybody, As we all know that Lockdown period has been extended which is good for our Nation but throughout this somewhere and somehow we all are facing problems because summers are on its peak. So we all need our Air Condition to work properly but as this is a Machine, So it needs to be serviced or maintained time to time. And we all that it is quite difficult to find a technician in these Lockdown days.

With the help of our skilled and experienced technicians, We have come across some simple ways by which we can Service or Maintain our Window AC at home on our own:-

Initially we have to switch off Window AC's the MCB.Cleaning of Air Filter:- The filter in the AC is located in the front side of the AC. This filter is made up of plastic. It doesn't require any tool to be pulled out. Once we had the filter with us we need to clean it with some detergent water and we need to dry it properly.

Coil Cleaning:- Clean the coil which is behind the Air Filter, we can clean it with t…

How to Choose an AC Repair and Service technicians or company?

Hi Friends, I am from CHS Buddy, we are connecting home maintenance service providers with us and provide them work in Delhi, Gurgaon, and Noida. We have well-skilled technicians who serve our valuable customers at very affordable price.

If you are looking for AC Repair and Service Company in Delhi, Gurgaon, and Noida, then it is a tough task to choose a good company for AC Repairing work. There is many thing or questions which we should keep in our mind while we are searching for technicians or service providing company. How can we judge the company or technician? Or what are the criteria for a good company?
We must know some of the below-mentioned points while finding a good company or technician:
Reviews: If you are searching the technicians or the companies for the repairing work or home maintenance service over the internet then you must check out the reviews on Google or other reviewing sites. By the help of those reviews, you may know the authenticity of the company. As these …

AC Repair and Service in Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida

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Why is my Air Conditioner not cooling my room?

Hi Everyone,
I am from CHS Buddy. I am going to share my views on why is AC not cooling the room probably in the mid summers? 
We all know very well that these days ACs are our basic needs, especially in the summer season. If our AC works well then we feel comfortable and can live in that hot summer season. Day and nights of the summer don’t let us work and live at home comfortably. If in a family, we have a little child then we have must be an Air Conditioner in a proper working condition. If our ac gets out of service or not cooling properly, then it is a big problem for us because we don't know much more about AC. 
In our general life, we should know a few points about the air conditioner. If our ac gets out of work or not cooling the room, we should know some basic problems about that. I am sharing a few points about air conditioners which could help you ensure the proper working of the Air Conditioner. If your air conditioner gets out of work or not cooling the room than you can…

Refrigerator Repair and Services in Delhi

Hi Everyone, I am from CHS Buddy. I am going to inform you that our company is connected with well-skilled technicians in Delhi NCR who work for home maintenance repairs and service. We are connected with technicians who for Refrigerator Repair and Service in Delhi. Our technicians provide all kind of repairing service for refrigerators like Single Door Fridge Repair Service and Double Door Fridge Repair Service.
Our Refrigerator experts have all kind of solution for Refrigerator problem. If your refrigerator has problems like: Cooling problem, Refrigerator riley not working The problem in a coil Freezing ice too much Refrigerator Gas refilling Service The problem in a compressor and many more Our technicians will give you the best solution to these problems. You can browse our website for this and you can select service according to your location and you find a huge number of technicians within your area. They will charge an affordable price for his service. Our techni…

How can we get our Air Conditioners ready for summers?

Hi Everyone,  I am from CHS Buddy. I am going to share some tips on how can we get our AC ready for summers? Yes, summers are coming, hence Air Conditioners are the most essential thing needed by everyone. In case you don’t know how to maintain the air conditioners for having the best performance of the equipment and even it is not working properly and you feel worried and confused for the same.

         If you will follow some of the steps on how to maintain your AC for summers. You will not face any problem in the summers and I hope you will also enjoy the hot days of summer with ease with your family. 
Here are some steps or tips before use Air Conditioners in the summers
Clean Air Conditioners Firstly you should clean your AC with water so that dust and other unwanted things will be removed from the AC. If we will start AC same in condition, AC will definitely get worse soon.

Check the Gas Pips We should check AC’s gas pipes because some pipes can get blocked. So we should take care of t…