Why is my Air Conditioner not cooling my room?

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I am from CHS Buddy. I am going to share my views on why is AC not cooling the room probably in the mid summers? 

We all know very well that these days ACs are our basic needs, especially in the summer season. If our AC works well then we feel comfortable and can live in that hot summer season. Day and nights of the summer don’t let us work and live at home comfortably. If in a family, we have a little child then we have must be an Air Conditioner in a proper working condition. If our ac gets out of service or not cooling properly, then it is a big problem for us because we don't know much more about AC. 

In our general life, we should know a few points about the air conditioner. If our ac gets out of work or not cooling the room, we should know some basic problems about that. I am sharing a few points about air conditioners which could help you ensure the proper working of the Air Conditioner. If your air conditioner gets out of work or not cooling the room than you can check or get fixed by your own.

Blocked Air Filters or Dirty Evaporator Coils

If your AC isn’t cooling properly, the most common reason is your air conditioner’s air filter is blocked. If the air filter is not blowing sufficient air flow your ac couldn’t get down room’s temperature cool. Our air conditioner has evaporator coil, it plays a main role in cooling, from here cool air pass via air filter in the outside of AC though air filter. If our AC’s air filter is congested or blocked through dust then the reason may not be blowing cold air in the room and our room’s temperature does not get down. You can clean the air filter or replace if you need it. If air conditioner’s evaporator coils have layers of dust then you must clean with soapy water.

Air Conditioner’s Fan

Your air conditioner is blowing cold air then after some span of time, you feel warm air. You are using the Air Conditioner’s fan function on “ON” mode. AC’s ON mode continually runs air conditioner’s blower or only your AC’s fan is working. If you are using AC’s fan “ON” function, it will not get down your room temperature and whatever set the temperature through AC remote. You should change your air conditioner’s fan function “ON” to “AUTO”. In this setting, your air conditioner will run fun when your room’s temperature reaches your desired temperature.

PCB not working properly

An air conditioner is working with working fan motor and filters in good condition but your room is not cool as your desired temperature. In this case, your air conditioner’s control board is not working. We call control board to PCB in general language. PCB manages our cooling system. PCB is working with a thermistor, observing air temperature and turns “ON” or “OFF” compressor when the room’s temperature reaches our desired temperature. If it does not play its role then our air conditioner blowing warm air only. 

Low Coolant or AC Gas pressure

If our air conditioner is running good but not cooling, in this case, the reason is our air conditioner’s coolant or gas pressure is low. Due to this reason our air conditioner is not cooling our room.

Unworkable Compressor

A compressor is the heart of the air conditioner. If it is working fine then our air conditioner serves us well. Air conditioner doesn’t work if it stops functioning. Our compressor is only responsible for the cooling system. If we check our AC’s other parts are working then might be our compressor is not working.

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